Data Plates and Tags

Whether you need to attach tags and data plates due to legal restrictions or you just want tags for your pet. All Custom Engraving & Designs can provide various metal and plastic tags whether you use standard size and shapes or custom cut-to-size tags. All Custom Engraving & Designs can provide you with the quality of service guaranteed.

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Barcodes & Serial Numbers

Laser Marking is ideally suited for coding products, components, and packaging. Marking with a laser is gentle on the material and simultaneously extremely resistant to mechanical stress, light, or weather influences, keeping your code marking and serial numbers perfectly legible for scanning.

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Awards & Medallions

Awards and medallions can be created to showcase your greatest accomplishments. With many different styles of medallions, pins, and buckles to choose from it is easy to find the best way to support your team or event in a permeant way that projects pride.