Engraving Kitchen Knives

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to laser engrave something on metal, such as a set of kitchen knives. Recently, I had a request for a set of knives with a brand on one side for personal identification, and some wildlife pictures they had choosen on the other side. Thinking it would only take 10 minutes and they would wait….. There is alot more to it and longer then 10 Minute wait.

First there is the design, layout, and placement that needs to be drafted on the computer and approved by the customer. Then we start sizing the inmages to fit on the knives, for the images there is a few more steps in preparing them for the laser and we can explain later. Next, we clean the knives and apply a thin coat of metal marking product, once it is dried we place the knives into the laser and align the printing up on the knife and finally start printing. This is a condensed version. Please watch the video.

If you every want to see how your product is engraved, just ask and we can do a quick video.